Karena van Maanen

Graphicvm's experience includes Onsite Medical Hub, Birdseye, PNO insurance, Serene Body Health, Sirena, Challenge, KPLA, Barlow Impact Group and many more.


It’s rare to find people who can be wildly creative but also focus on business outcomes. Karena has more than 25 years’ experience bringing brands to life and her work is grounded in imagination. She revels in adapting ideas to help clients tell their best story. 

As a senior designer, Karena intimately understands the power of visual communications in helping build

a brand. She has a keen eye for good design coupled with a personable nature and a genuine interest in helping businesses succeed. 


Karena likes to use creativity to problem solve and works directly with clients and creatives to ensure quality and compelling delivery of thoughtful service.


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Graphic Design + Art Direction +

Brand Identity + Web Design +

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